A tale of a girl who loved lamp

From top to bottom
She dared to wear
All the plastic grocery bags
She could bear

This outfit wasn’t practical
It wasn’t fashionable
It wasn’t comfortable
But it was laughable

With a shot of courage and free pot
She entered the room of creative unclothed guests
Dressed to impress and ready to rock

After much mingling on the kitchen floor
And many beers a poured
She found herself taken and adored
By a lamp near the door

What happened next
Can’t be explained
Like a moth to a flame
Captivated by the light
She became

Like a hillbilly to a UFO
Trepidatious yet bold
She decided to give into this light
That for so long
Had been so cold

With a quick turn of the switch
And a few whispers of “Fuck yea bitch”
She made a connection in the right direction

After a night of passionate backseat heat
An awkward morning over greasy breakfast meat
She parted ways with this newfound fire
She hoped wouldn’t so soon retire

She gave special care
To the bulb that was now bare
Crack this fragile glass
She didn’t dare

Over time
And great distance
She fueled this fire
With little resistance

When the heat became too hot to hold
For fear of becoming old
This ember quickly grew cold

Like a deer in the night
She was blinded by the light

She didn’t mind
Life only has so much time
Love all the lamps that shine