Totally Buggin’

Man on the Moon Man on the Moon treeoflife manonthemoon drawing2 drawing1 Tom IMG_20150908_140053

Thinking Cap

                          Two cars made a bing Pulled outta crushed metal I don’t remember a thing Bruised up bad Scary like Dennis Hopper Get to the chopper After a long nap I got a new thinking cap Metal halo rap    

Long Live The King

5 dollars to ride Forget your pride Hop atop The big hairy slop Shameless rednecks All I see Fried dough Here I go Slow at first She speeds up fast Hurting down below I won’t last Pelvis shaking Like a king Mercy Me I think I peed Thighs burn But I’m not done Carnie says […]

Dish out

                            Don’t you dare wash my dishes Those dishes are mine Do those dishes I’ll tan your hide She watches TV Jerry, Ellen, QVC Every now and then Gets up to pee Moves like honey But she’ll show you the money Tough […]

I love lamp

A tale of a girl who loved lamp From top to bottom She dared to wear All the plastic grocery bags She could bear This outfit wasn’t practical It wasn’t fashionable It wasn’t comfortable But it was laughable With a shot of courage and free pot She entered the room of creative unclothed guests Dressed […]